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Wall of Fame

Earn your place on the Prime Rib Wall of Fame

Conquer one of our large cuts to get your name on our Wall of Fame. Beat our current record of 360 ounces (yes, you read that right!), to become the new champ and get the cut named after you and your caricature on the wall!

22.5 pounds or 360 ounces is the current Ward's House of Prime Rib record

Molly Schuyler achieves the record when she devours 22.5 pounds of Ward’s Prime Rib in an hour and a half.
“Tastiest food challenge I’ve ever had. I could’ve eaten more but they ran out of meat…” —Molly 
Click on the names below to see the full list of mighty eaters that conquered Ward’s largest cuts of Prime Rib.

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In June of 2017, Competitve Japanese eater, Sachiyo Masubuchi, films her show at Ward’s. Masubuchi eats 184 oz and was the reigning champion for only 2 weeks until Molly Schuyler conquered a new cut.